This Is The World’s Unlikely and Very Enthusiastic Fan of the World Cup!


All of us are fans of something. Being a fan is defined as having admiration or displaying a strong interest in someone or something.

Usually, the word fan is used to describe someone interested in a famous person, actors, or sports teams. Here we see fanatic soccer fan passionately following the World Cup on the television. The fan, an excited golden retriever. With his tail wagging enthusiastically and tongue hanging out, the dog seems tireless as it jumps up and down seeming to say, “Pass it to me, pass it to me.”

The first time we see the golden retriever jump is when the view of the field is obscured by the goal post. The retriever seems to be jumping to see over it as the camera starts to pan over the top of it. The dog faithfully watches the ball, never letting it out of its sight. When the television shows individual players, the dog sits still, only to begin jumping the moment the ball is back in the shot.


Watching him intently it is amusing to see his slight confusion when the action is too fast in a zoomed out view, rendering the ball too small. His increase in tail wagging quickly gives away the moment he spots it again. The owner, asks his dog if he loves soccer and is having fun though the golden retriever doesn’t answer, the answer is quite obvious.

See This Hilarious Video Here!


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