Watch This: This PUPPY Is Either Super Lazy or Super Efficient – What do You Think?


A lot of time went into watching this video over here at LaughandShare headquarters LOL. We had to decide what this video was actually about…we think we may have an answer 🙂

When it comes to just being lazy, this English Bulldog may take the cake. Although, we can’t tell if he’s just completely lazy and looking for a way to get around the house without having to work for it, or if he actually has found one of the most fun and efficient ways to do some chores around the house as well as have a bit of fun as well.

To be honest I’d probably give it a try too if I was a puppy, and why not, it creates a fun and absolutely adorable video like this one.

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Source: English Bulldog puppy rides a Roomba by erendle on Rumble



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