It Took Him 4 Years To Get This Video, But When He Did My Jaw Dropped

This is an amazing time lapse video shot by photographer Mike Oblinksi. It shows the amazing cloud formation of a Supercell new the town of Booker Texas.

You need to see the majestic beauty of this amazing weather pattern.

Mike stated that they chased the storm from the wrong side, and as they approached the formation it appeared as though they were seeing something out of a Sci-fi Alien Movie.

There are 4 parts to this timelapse video and each one has it’s own unique features, from rain starting on one side and being sucked back into the storm, to dust being sucked up from a cornfield and added to the storm. The most exciting part I thought was the lightening towards the end.

Mike also mentioned that as they drove closer to Booker Texas they could hear the tornado warning alarms going off. This must have been so intense to witness while being so close…at least we get to see it in all its glory in this breathtaking video!

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