Top 15 Cat Memes That Ultimately Broke The Internet! It’s Cute, Crazy And Hilarious!


When I woke up this morning, I couldn’t find the bacon in the fridge, which was open. Then the milk was spilled on the floor and as if that wasn’t enough, the left over pizza from yesterday night was missing. I think Spike, the dog has a lot of explaining to do.


Human to Cat: You know? Mom is coming over tonight and you know how much she loves you, don’t you, you little ball of fur? She’s going to pet you and scratch you and feed you and play with you! She always does that, doesn’t she? I bet you’re very happy, aren’t you? The problem with some people is that they just can’t stop loving cats!


There are so many TV shows that talk about unlikely pet friends! Spike, my dog would never be friends with the cat. Pipi the hamster is always afraid of the cat. Look at the neighbor’s cat and dog, they gel with each other so well! Now my expectation lies on my cute and cuddly cat.




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