Top 6 Family Photos That Went Wrong…Very Wrong. The Last One Is Hilarious!


Capturing family photos can be such a daunting task and if you ask me, I hate them! Something always goes wrong, knowingly or unknowingly. These family photos are beyond hilarious! 

Family photos are such a pain to be honest. Everyone has to be dressed, they have to be smiling no matter what they’re feeling and if you’re nerdy than they should be ready to face future jokes about how geeky they looked years ago. I hate family photos for one reason – they’re not perfect, something always goes wrong. Up to this day, when people look at my family photo they can’t avoid commenting on how chubby I was. I was chubby and the worst part is that I looked like some ‘blobby‘ creature from another planet. Wasn’t my fault! I was a baby then, but yes, I’m sure you get the point! Here are some hilarious family photos that people are going to talk about for a long, long time!

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