Top 6 Reasons Why You Need To Have A Pit Bull At Home! #SugarRush!

There are so many reasons for owning a pit bull, literally, I could write an entire book filled with them! To come to the point, here are top 6 reasons why you should own a pit bull! 

First of, pit bulls are great snugglers! They absolutely love snuggling! We all know what people think of pit bulls – aggressive, angry, vicious, hyper and what not. They’re one of the most misunderstood breeds in history. Everyone should just sit down, calm down and let the pit bull take the limelight. Let them show the kind of breed they are. Remember, dogs aren’t bad, owners are, so if you treat your pet badly they’re bound to pick up that from you. Pets are like children, in one sense – the way you treat them, is the way they’ll behave and grow. If you have a group of children, you’ll come across one or two who’re just unbearable, but that doesn’t mean all children are bad, right? Pit bulls are nothing but adorable, super cute, amazing and loving dog breeds to have ever walked the planet! Need proof? Check this out!

No matter how old they are, a pit bull is an ambassador for inter-species! So long as the partner is loving, a pit bull will be there!

A pit bull doesn’t mind being the pillow for this cute, adorable kitten! What part of this would you call ‘vicious’?

This pit bull just wants to cuddle and what’s better than cuddling with your best friend? Who says cat and dog can’t be friends? Not sure about other breeds, but for a pit bull, that phrase is a joke!

Need a loyal babysitter? No problem, this pit bull has you covered! She doesn’t move because she’s shouldering a priceless responsibility…what part of this is aggressive?

Cats and dogs still can’t be friends? Here are two pit bulls sleeping each beside a cat! Isn’t this just adorable? Can’t call them dangerous, can you?

Pit bulls love to cuddle, they absolutely love snuggling! Take a look at this one who’s so enjoying this moment! I would too if I was there! The heights of adorableness!

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Article Source: Distractify

Photo Credit: Distractify

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