These Twins Mimic Their Father’s Sneeze Perfectly, But Wait Until The End


I can imagine the moment when these parents discovered that their 2 little boys were imitating their father having a sneeze attack. Luckily it wasn’t a 1 time thing.

I am sure that the Father tried it over and over to make sure that they were in fact mimicking him, and once one of the boys did it, the other soon followed.

Getting it on film and watching it happen is even better. At first you don’t think they’re going to do anything but once the Dad instigated the first sneeze, they both followed and made for this adorable video.

The one on the left starts first while the other just sits and plays with the toys, but once he realized what was going on he starts…and boy do they know how to give it to their Dad.

I can see these 2 and their Father always joking around and trying to “One-Up” each other as they get older. I bet April Fools and Pranks are going to be pretty popular at this house.


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