Two Massive Boxers Sneak Up On A Newborn Baby. They Get So Close, It’s Almost Unimaginable!

Big breeds of dogs can sometimes get a bad rap. For some unknown reason, if you let your children near a big breed, especially small children, people can react with fear, anger, or disgust; all of it undeserved.

If you’ve ever owned a larger breed of dog, you probably already know that they love babies! All dogs seem to recognize a baby, but big breeds really seem to feel the nurturing and protective instincts particularly strongly. For example, the two white Boxers are just about to meet their baby sister for the first time.

Both of these dogs were rescued from a Boxer animal rescue, and had become beloved members of the family, so this was to be a momentous occasion. The dogs show obvious excitement, but they seem to realize they need to keep it in check and stay still so they didn’t frighten the baby. Even with both of the dogs checking him out at the same time, the baby even seems calm, reaching out for his new friends.

The dogs are amazingly behaved, and do their best not to intimidate the newborn. It’s not every day you get to meet a new member of the family, however, so there is obviously some extra attention being paid to the baby.

That’s Not Even The Best Part! Take A Look At This Precious Video Here!

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