Unusual Arrangement Has Simon Back-Tracking On His Original Opinion


The Arrangement is a fascinating classical pop band that appeared to be refined and ready to bring some class to Britain’s Got Talent. Unbeknownst to the crowd, they have a surprise up their sleeves.

The group came together from a group of college friends who participated in a music class together at Cambridge. The group knows that classical music can wear a bit thin or lack the “coolness” factor so they have created a gig to cheer everyone up.

Everyone but Simon it would seem. Three seconds in, before the group even had a chance to get into their act Simon had already pushed the red buzzer.

From the posh looking frontman who busts out head bobbing, body-pop dance moves to the classical singing and talented musicians this is a strangest music arrangement I’ve ever heard for sure. Their performance takes a completely surprising turn that Amanda described as genius. The performance was well executed and the audience loved it.

Take A Look At This Awesome And Mind Blowing Audition Here!


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