Watch What Mama Cat Does When Her Baby Kitten Was Having A Nightmare! Too Cute!


What would you do if your child was having a nightmare? I bet you’d cuddle them and make them feel secure. Watch what this cat does and you’ll be surprised! OMG, this is TOO CUTE!

From this video you’ll learn that whether animals or humans, nightmares bother everyone. This mama cat was sound asleep and so was her baby kitten, but suddenly it started having nightmares. It kept jerking its paws probably because it was dreaming about some other threatening species. What mama cat does to scare away her baby’s nightmare melted my heart like butter on hot toast!

Then at 0:54 the kitten expressed it’s gratitude to its mama 🙂

Watch Here To See What Mama Cat Does To Stop Baby Kitten From Having A Nightmare!


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