What Do You Get When You Put Curious Emus And A Weasel Ball Together?


We’ve all seen pets get freaked out over some toy, chasing, batting, flipping, or kicking the offending toy across the room. However, very rarely have we seen such a funny video with such unlikely stars.

Large, flightless birds don’t really make you think of something hilarious, but this video just goes to show that even the most serious face can hide a truly funny soul. There are a few emus and ostriches in this video that had the most exciting day on the farm of their entire lives. And the video is priceless.

The farmer starts by dropping a small “weasel ball” in the middle of the birds. The toy is basically some fake fur looking material connected to a small ball that wobbles about due to a motor inside of its plastic shell. The toy is known to be popular with cats and dogs alike, but the birds did not seem to share in that opinion.


In fact, these giant birds freak out in the funniest way possible. From the moment the motor kicks on, none of the birds want to be anywhere near the infernal machine, and leap, flap, and kick their ways clear of the oddly moving ball.

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video Here!


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