What Happens When A Sweet Dog is Told to Fetch the Cat

Animals have been trained and used to do many daunting tasks. In the past we have seen pigeons carrying messages and dogs providing transportation/tracking. 

Today, the majority of pets are trained to perform tricks for entertainment purposes. Many proudly show off how their dogs can sit and lie on command, as well as perform many other amusing tricks. One trick has taken many by surprise by combining entertainment with usefulness in an entirely new way.

The setting of this story begins on a sidewalk; there is a small black dog and a grey young cat. The owner, a Russian female, tells the dog to pick the cat up. At first it appears as though the dog is just nudging the cat toward the owner but then it does something that is quite unexpected.

When the dog was nudging the cat it was doing so to turn the cat into the right position. The dog put its head under the cats belly putting the cat horizontally across its back. The owner gave encouragement and continued giving the command for the dog to carry the cat. At times it seemed the dog wanted to put the cat down already!

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video Here!

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