When AKNU Went Up On Stage, Simon Cowell Wanted Them Gone. Then His Jaw Dropped!

Before adorning the stage, the siblings were quoted saying, “We want this very badly, honestly. We pretty much don’t want Simon to think that we’re old-fashioned. We’ve heard him make those kind of comments before and right now the goal is for him to look at us and say that we’re bloody good!

As soon as they went up on stage Simon had a weird expression on his face and the other two judges sort of understood and agreed to it. He didn’t smile even a bit and started shooting questions like “Who are you?” “Who put the group together?” “Where you from?” “You work here?

Then he says, “Okay guys you’ve gotta stop weaving around…and what are you going to sing?” To which the guys replied, “Valerie, our mother’s name is Valerie and actually we’re here for her so we figured it would be a good choice…

Then Simon says, “Good luck…I hate this song.” Then he ate his words!

Check this out!

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Feature Image Source: africancelebs.com

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1,270 Responses to “When AKNU Went Up On Stage, Simon Cowell Wanted Them Gone. Then His Jaw Dropped!”

  1. I very rarely comment on posts but, Simon Cowell you are a real *****. I’m glad you had to eat your words.

  2. Just shows u shouldnt judge a book by its cover

  3. What a fantastic family❤️

  4. how do you watch this video, seriously

  5. How do I get to watch this video ?

  6. What do you expect from a man bangging soemne else wife!!!???? having $$ doesn’t mean you have sense or class!!!

  7. How do you get to the f****** video is not showing s***

  8. Call me this is Teresa from Boynton you know the #


  10. I feel the same fed up not being able to c the vidio of the singers. Happens,quite a lot

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