When AKNU Went Up On Stage, Simon Cowell Wanted Them Gone. Then His Jaw Dropped!

When AKNU, a musical group, selected their song, Simon Cowell mercilessly told them how much he hated the song they had selected. But when they finished performing, he was asking for more! LOL

We all know Simon Cowell. Who doesn’t? Famous for his quote “What other people think about me is none of my business,” this judge has the potential to make his contestants weep before they start performing! While some say his ego is good for the singers, others think he’s just too rude, impolite and merciless.

Now this post isn’t about how good or bad Simon Cowell is, it doesn’t matter anyway, this post is about AKNU, a musical group consisting of three siblings from Los Angeles, California.

AKNU (pronounced as “anew”) is an acronym for ‘A Kind Never Understood’. It’s a band of three siblings named Marquis, Mark and Rayne. Their father always encouraged them to perfect their singing and dancing talent before he passed away.

Rayne, who is the youngest, began training from the age of four. After their father passed away, the little boys lived in shelters with a dream of making it big someday. Their chance came in form of 2013’s The X-Factor.

Right before they started singing, Simon said “Good Luck – I Hate This Song!

Want to see how the boys reacted to Simon’s comment? Watch it here now

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1,270 Responses to “When AKNU Went Up On Stage, Simon Cowell Wanted Them Gone. Then His Jaw Dropped!”

  1. No matter how mant times I watch this, I am impressed.. You guys are great..

  2. I would like to hear it but I seem to can’t for some reason!

  3. They’re gonna be BIG !

  4. Truly musically gifted siblings! Amazing n refreshing!!!

  5. Loved this brother-trio….so talented and truly refreshing..as Simon said. They do their Father proud..just wonderful.

  6. Can’t stand this advertising… luckily I’m getting better and faster and discerning it

  7. Yeah what’s up with that hello fighting through all the ******* commercials like his TV it’s Facebook people get the ******* advertisement to a low blow we don’t care what your product is we don’t want to buy the ******* **** we just want to see the Facebook **** now is for Simon he’s to cool down and shut the **** up and just enjoy the singing we don’t want his professional opinion if you likes the ******* song

  8. How the hell do you open this thing

  9. Nice Nicky will be writing soon annabel

  10. The same.what kind of change is. Spoilt my entertainment totally

  11. Simon is the best judge…whatever he comments on an artist performance is factual

  12. Yes thats true i saw it was a great one

  13. They was great hope they make it big

  14. I am tire of this. Stop posting it.

  15. I was saying the same thing y post it and can’t see it

  16. The dam thing in showing stewwwwww

  17. I can not watch it making me mad I wanted to here them

  18. Ok I watched this before and yes I cried and I’m crying again, if Simon can cry so can I

  19. Really Refreshing. And all that Dancing.
    WoooooWWWWWW !

  20. I Loved it going to watch it again

  21. They’ve got it all! Looks and talent! I loved this. They will go far!

  22. I can’t get the video please someone tell me how

  23. Why can’t I see the video??? The page that comes up does not provide to see it.

  24. They are good performer for me…

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