When Laziness Overcome a Black Lab


Have you ever left something near your bed or couch and then forgot about it? And then attempt to reach it from your current position while still keeping your body on the said couch/bed?

Humorously, it would usually just be faster and use less effort to just stand up and get it, but yet we still do this, whether  we got comfortable and forgot the remote on the coffee table or try to reach a phone charger. Such is the plight of a full-grown black lab. This lab, for whatever reason, decided that it had to reach a purple rubber ball or toy while keeping its hind feet firmly planted on the carpet.


Meanwhile the owner questions the dog and the lab barks very loudly. It continues barking until the owner stops talking. Then starts up again if the owner begins talking, covering the voice of its owner with its barking. It scrambles for the ball with its front paws glancing at its owner once in a while. Its hind feet do not stay perfectly planted and slip once in a while. This creates an obstacle for this beautiful black lab.

See How Far This Lab Is Willing To Go To Fetch His Rubber Toy!


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