Simon Cowell Once Said He Would Never See This In His Lifetime – Then It Happened


Simon Cowell has seen a lot, from amazing singers, to absolutely horrendous singers and acts. One thing he always said would never happen, and he would never see in his lifetime finally just happened.

Okay imagine you’re judging the Britain’s Got Talent show and suddenly instead of a human performer, an adorable dog comes out to perform on stage for you?!

Yes that’s exactly what happened here!

Marc Metral who live in Paris France brought with him his special dog, the adorable Wendy, and what they did together impressed Simon so much that he had no words!

He asks the judges if he can invite someone to the stage. The Judges and crowd don’t know what to expect. After watching many different auditions that day they probably were hoping it was going to be something incredible and it was.

Marc introduces his “Special Guest” and continues to make the audience as well as the judges gasp and yell Awwww over and over. Wendy runs over to Marc and he scoops her up and places her on her very own podium. He mentions to her “don’t be afraid, you can’t fall down, it’s OK Wendy.”

At first th dog looks around the audience as Marc starts his audition and Wendy seems to be getting stage fright. The crowd sits in wonder and some even appear embarrassed for Marc.

Even Marc himself makes a comment about it “Not Being His Night,”

Suddenly something happens and the entire crowd and all of the judges jaws drop…nobody had expected to see this.

Don’t believe me?

Watch and See What Shocked Simon This Much



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