When You Don’t Feel Like Sharing and Mom’s Watching


We all have that one favorite spotour spot. The place we like to relax and unwind. A favorite reading spot or sofa. So what happens when its taken over and your expected to share?

Some compromise, while others play king of the mountain. Or the third option, throw a fit, which is exactly what this cat does. Now usually, its the cats instigating the squabble by hogging a dogs bed, but in this case? The unlikely culprit is a guinea pig. Sick and tired of the cat hogging the whole house, this critter decides to take a stand for his own rights.


The adorable ginger guinea pig decided that the cats bed is much more comfortable than his own wood chips. Finding the spot cozy, he refused to budge, even at the urgent insistence of the cat. Staring stoically, ahead the guinea pig ignores this kittys impressive FREAK out. From head banging to kicking, tickling, and smacking the cats antics are unsuccessful.

See What Else The Cat Tries To Win Back His Bed!


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