When Your Day Doesn’t Go As Planned….At All


For Sherri, owner of the West Coast Animal Rescue, each dog is important. Her shelter is a no-kill shelter and Sherri longs for each of her dogs to find their forever homes.

Space is limited in her shelter, with some of her dogs living there for years. To help give them their best chance at adoption, Sherri sets up one of the biggest adoption events she has ever held and retains a film crew to help record the event as a promotion for an upcoming fundraiser event.


After spending countless hours preparing for the adoption event she is optimistic that at least 5 dogs will find their homes. The moment she has everything set up the day takes an unexpected and drastic turn. A man from the Pet Investigator Foundation shows up to announce that she is in violation and that all her dogs must be cleared out within an hour. With no potential adopters in sight Sherri is distraught. What is she to do?

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