Woman Buys 8 Bottles Of Water. Then She Experiments On Them… OMG


We all want to take care of our bodies, and one of the most common advice people give is to stop drinking those sugary drinks and to drink water instead. So, thinking that we are being healthy, many of us buy bottles of water with never a thought as to whether that water is really good for us.

Many factors, beyond the cleanliness of the water, can effect your health, possibly the biggest being the pH of the water. The pH of the water is a measure of how acidic something is, and acidity in our water is bad. Holly, the mother in the video, warns that acidity in water can cause cancer. So, she and her son, Carson, set out to test a lot of different brands of water to see what it is we are all really drinking.

Lining up the bottles of water from basically every major brand, and even her own filtered well water from her tap, she and Carson perform this experiment in real time so we can see the results for ourselves. The results may disturb you though. As she explains in the video, the water should be more alkaline than acidic to be healthy for us.

Now Take A Look AT This Mom’s Experiment Here!


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