Woman Tries To Grab Some Tissues, But Keep Your Eyes On The Cat!


When the urge to blow your nose strikes you’re sure to reach for the nearest box of tissues, at least if you have any form of manners that is. Yet I’d watch which box I’m going for if I was you!

This cat has a mean attitude when it comes to claiming it’s turf and shows it’s not afraid to use physical deterrents such as her paws and claws to defend it! In the video we see someone reach for a tissue only to have the cat hold it’s ground and refuse anything of the sort.

The cat is more than happy to make use of it’s paws in the swiping of the offending hand. It doesn’t seem like the cat’s mind will change anytime soon either. He makes sure to leave a wary eye scanning his surroundings making sure he’s ready for the next attempt.

A quick walk around the box even shows the cat checking it’s six o’clock to make sure he isn’t about to be attacked from all sides. It leaves you wondering if this is merely a game in the cat’s mind or if it’s something much more serious than that to him.

Take A Look At This Hilarious Video Below!


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