You Go, Granny! Nursing Home Makeovers That Will MAKE YOU SMILE


Frank Sinatra was right– fairy tales DO come true if you’re young at heart. These amazing women, residents at Mount Olivet Senior Care Center, were treated to a full spa day by the group I AM KINDNESS, a group of volunteers who traverse the city of Minneapolis performing random acts of kindness that lift spirits, help those in need, and inspire.

The residents were surprised with this day of luxury and were treated to makeup, clothes, manicures, and jewelry, and after they were all dolled up they had their very own photo shoot! These ladies were treated like princesses. Some were treated to their first ever makeovers.

In a time when seniors are often forgotten, this act of kindness is extremely special. Jason Ho, the director of the video, captures the day beautifully, and it will make your heart smile.


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